Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Reading through all those lengthy post of mine on the adventure of Cobram and Wandin East, editing little bit here and there...finally I managed to fuse all those posts into one big extended post.

Next, I checked the word count for the post and too surprised that it was only around 10 000 words ;)

According to this web, anything that is written between 7500 to 20 000 words should be called as a novellete whereas novel is for those stories that exceed 50 000 words. Guess I should write 5 times longer to reach the status of novel. With that in mind, hopefully it will resolve the argument that my post is as long as a novel...... hehe..........

On second thought, why don't I put this one big chunk of novellete at another blog. Hmm, great idea though....thus, I created another blog of mine.

Click here to see.


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