Friday, June 17, 2005

jumping to the outside world

This couple of days, I have been busy. First with the reformatting of my laptop. Now, I'm currently head my nose deep into books again. Not medical books though ;)

I know the exam is over but I'm not revising for the next semester yet. In fact, I never study the next semester beforehand as some of my friends do. So, what book I read now eh?

:D currently have finished book written by Michael Crichton. For your information, he is a famous writer to which many of his books made into movies. Yet he is a Harvard-trained doctor. Envy him a lot.

He is the author of Jurassic Park and also the screen writer of the famour ER. Many of his novels were based on science facts and that what made his novels interesting. The way he blends science with the art of writing. That is one strong achievement to be produced by a physician who learned and educated from science backgground.

The novel that I read called 'sphere'. Basically, it talks about the deep sea adventure of few scientist confronting with alien spacecraft. After reaching the last page, truly I am satisfied with the message that the author tried to bring on.

Human are gifted with the power of imagination. He can imagine good or bad things but never take the responsibility due to his imagination. Think of scientist who had imagined of creating an atomic bomb in the first place. They want to end the war as soon as possible but never they knew that the repercussion of the bomb lasts many generations. Till today, the generations of atomic bomb survivors still suffering from the effect of the atomic bomb explosion.

Who ever you are now today, you are what you are imagined of. If you imagined yourself as a confident and amicable person, you will achieve your imagination. If you think yourself as a person who are hostile and immersed with the feeling of doom and gloom, so be it. You will be that kind of person.

The power of imagination are truly remarkable. It can changed one person from one extreme to another extreme. What would happen to the world if Bill Gate does not envisaged the usefullness of making personal computers back at 1980s? What would happen if nobody dares to imagine that human can reach the aerospace?

Without imagination, human will fail to fully utilise his/her capability. There is always inside us, a certain innate ablity that remain to be discovered. We will never know we have it till we try to discover it. Some people never know they are good at writing till they started to write. Some people never know that they good at painting till they start to paint.

In essence, the life is full of discovery. What it needs is for the person to take the first step. Have we done that yet?

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