Tuesday, June 21, 2005


When we were born into this world, we learned to utter the word mom and dad. Then as we walked to the new world surrounding us, we got to know our siblings and cousins. We learned to love them. First, our parent then our close relatives.

As we approached the era of school and the formal education, we met new people and we called them friends. Some we considered them as our best friends to which we can told all our doom and glooms. Best friend is the place where we share our thought and opinions in facing the everchanging world. We learned to love our best friends.

In the place called the school, we met our teachers. The teachers taught us to respect and love the one who taught us. Thus, we learned to love our teachers.

The teachers also mentioned as a good citizen, we ought to love our government and to have pride in our nation. The land we lived on, has provided us with many blessings. Thus, we learned to love the nation and the government who lead the country.

Some of our teachers told us about faith. We were taught that if we do good things, we will get reward and we do bad things, we will be punished by God. So, we followed.

As we grow up and enter the era of adulthood, many things and event occured. We learned to love many new things. We learned to love to be in a famous group. We learned to love the actor and actress that appeared in the TV, magazines and newspapers. We learned to love technology. Some of us asked and pleaded to our beloved parent to equip us with mobile phone, computers and many new inventions. In the age of adulthood, many new forms of love we encounter to which most of us become a loyal follower.

As we left the age of adulthood, some of us gained a strange insight. An idea that told us to love human of different gender. Weird indeed that when we were small kids, we does not even care what 'the different gender' do or does. As long we can received the love from our parent and siblings, 'the different gender' does not matter.

By the early 20s or 30s, most of us find our future spouse and get married. We learned to love our spouse. Whatever our spouse demand of, we will try as much as we can do to attend to. We become devoted to the love of our spouse. Some people by this time, the love towards their spouse will be greater than the love towards their parent. Strange. The first love we encountered in our life is the love towards our parent and now, we seems would like to leave them alone, loveless.

A couple of years later, our kids will be born. Looking over their new and cute face, we learned to love them all. By this time, our love seem to be divided into many. Love towards our parent, if it still exists, love towards our spouse and then, the love towards our kids. We devoted much of our time to attend to the needs of each part of our love.

As we grow older, our kids now become teenagers. Then, they get married and have their own kids. If they still remember to love us as their own parent, we will get the chance to see our grandchildrens. Seeing the cute little ones, our loves again shattered and generated a new division of love. We learned to love our own grandchildrens. Whenever the grandchildrens came to visit us, we will be overjoyed. If they want ice-creams, we gave them the best we can offer.

As we getting more older, our body diminished in their strength and vitality. Our spouse probably will die of old age, if we were lucky. When our beloved parent died, we cried. When our beloved spouse died and leaved us alone, we cried even more.

Living all alone with only the love for our own kids and grandchildrens, we tend to contemplate all the past events. Is there anything in the past that I can do better? We learned to appreciate every form of love that we possessed in this time. Live life to the fullest.

Starting from beginning till now, which form of love we have forgotten? Most of us, when we were old and has nothing to do, will regret on one form of love. A love that most of us neglected the most although it is the most important form of love. When we were kids, we were taught but never appreciate it. When we were teenagers, we were to busy to pursue the love of 'the different gender'. When we were married and have our own kids, we tend to devote most of all times to our love towards our spouse and our own kids. When we have our own grandchildrens, we put most of our love into them. The most important and the highest form of love, we seems to forgot and never paid any attention before. When the signs of death approaches, we will regret that we have never try to pursue the highest form of love. Without the highest form of love, we will be perished and thrown into hellfire.

The highest form of love is to love our Almighty Creator. He is the One who taught us to love all His creatures. He is the One who gave us a life to be fulfilled with. Yet, we filled our own life with many form of love but never with the love of Allah Subhanahu Wa Taala.

Yet, to attain the highest form of love is nevertheless that easy. Some people will try but later succumb to receive failure. Some people tried even harder but then, they cannot endure the torments and affliction that come with it.

The love of Allah is only for those who managed to persevere the most. If you want to pursue the highest form of love, be prepared. It ain't easy along the way.


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