Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Feeling a bit refreshed after sitting for the semester exam.

Post-exam celebration?...Hmm, some people celebrated it by making cakes [you know who you are ;)], some goes to watch movies and me... would rather spend it with my laptop :D

Not saying that I spend many hours surfing the net, but reformatting is the word here. Reformatting my whole laptop as a sign of me leaving the horrible past experience and getting ready to face the bright future. Look bright into the future and become optimistic that in the future, good things will happen.

Couple of hours spending for updating various softwares...refreshing my memory and sharpening my skills in learning this computer skills.
Here are some pictures of my whole semester works. I even came up with my own PBL mechanisms on fear of failing PBL paper. But in the end, after all of our efforts...we need to put all our trust in Allah. Because Allah alone determines all things under His sovereign.

my thick lecture notes for this semester - oblique view Posted by Hello

full folder thickness ;) Posted by Hello

superior view Posted by Hello

my extensive PBL mechanisms Posted by Hello

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