Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Are you good enough to be a doctor?

I guess this is the main question that will be asked by JPA interviewers to the applicants desiring to choose medicine as their future career. This year, 11 000 high-achiever SPM students applied for JPA scholarship and there are only 1300 places available and most of them are vying for medicine.

Today, in Utusan Malaysia, it was mentioned that JPA is planning to test the short-listed applicants that are hoping for medicine; by exposing them the experience of being a doctor in the hospital environment.

Exposing them to the actual world that evolves around a doctor is a great idea. Not all good things associated with doctors are true. It is not that easy to be a good doctor and many things need to be endured and sacrificed to reach that level. Though you may say that this profession delivers high salary, that is only applicable in the private arm of medicine. In truth, most students will end up working with government, at least for first few years of their career. If your desire is money and wealth, don't choose medicine as your first preference. There are many ways that are easier and quicker than this path.

You have to be empathic to the patients but in the same time does not allow the emotion taking control over you. Practicing empathy is the virtue of this profession but the reality is so harsh to bear with. The working environment is full of stress and the working hours are quite long.

Studying medicine is not just learning and grasping the knowledge. You have to be able to cope with the increasing stress and able to communicate well with many types of patient. And sometimes have to bear with angry patient too ;)

Yet, stepping into this path does note mean it is all gloomy and scary till the end. If you are sincere in choosing this journey, you will embrace the glory and beauty of the human creation. In every minute details that lies hidden in the network of cells and tissue that made up of a human being, there are enourmous signs of the Creator to be ponder upon. Even in a seemingly simple virus, lies the complexity of the creation. Subhanallah.

For those students who are choosing medicine as their future career, please contemplate deeply and consult with many people too. Life is not that easy to begin with but at the end of this struggle and hardship, hopefully all of us will be able to achieve something good out of this career. Insya-Allah.

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