Tuesday, March 21, 2006

higher price of banana...

Since Australia never imports banana from oversea because of concern of bioterrorism, the price of banana is expected to be on the rise due to Cyclone Larry that hit Queensland last night. Queensland is the major producer of banana in Australia. With speed of 290 km/h, fortunately nobody were injured. I think that storm is in Category 5.

Just imagine this kind of storm hit Malaysia. I am pretty sure there will be lots of devastation and many people will lost their beloved ones (theoretically). What would we do in this kind of situation? Grieve, angry, mad....

Massive preparation will be established to prevent further damage in the future such as that has been done for tsunami that hit Asia at the end of 2004. Massive plan will be put into action and great cooperation among many agencies will come to surface.

That is the most common plan that human does in preparing for major devastating event. One should contemplate and ask, how do we prepare our ownselves for the next big thing that will happen to us. An 'event' that nobody can escaped from. The Day of Judgement, that is...

Sometimes we tend to think that youth is only once in lifetime and it is to be enjoyed to the fullest, but are those our daily actions lead us closer to Allah?

If a cyclone hits Queensland caused the price of banana to be increased.....then, wherever we encounter a great sign of Allah's greatness, shouldn't our iman become better than before?

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