Tuesday, March 07, 2006

why do I blog?

For almost two years now, I have been blogging. There have been a couple of hiatus in the past.

The initial reason I set up this blog was as a place to write down all emotional stress due to study but later the path of reason took a different turn. Now, this blog was some kind of my own experiment with HTML and CSS languange that was once an alien to me. Able to design a couple of templates was a great experience indeed. Hopefully in the future, I am able to grasp more on this languange of web design ;)

Another reason to blog is for me to improve my hardly passable English. From time to time, I am able to learn my own mistakes by rereading my own posts. A great way to learn actually, yet I still require a lot more to improve on.

Sometimes, my post will be around religious stuff and that serves as a reminder to me and to the reader. Human is always forgetful but when he wrote something, at least that will remind him later in the future. I will always read my own post to remind myself. Always make mistakes but at least, I am trying to improve.

Regardless of that, there were quite few posts in which I describe my feelings. It is becoming rarer these days. Perhaps too busy or probably don't want to share it to loudly ;)

Another reason...hmm, by blogging, I am able to gain enourmous perspective on many events. If you surf around the globe, there were many kinds of weblog. Different people write different things. An event could be perceived in many ways. For example, the caricature of Prophet Muhammad SAW has caused quite an uproar in the blogging community to the extent Pakistan even blocked the blogspot domain since some bloggers there, wrote provocative issues on this matter. Even Muslims have differences in handling this issue. Some support the burning of buildings and flags and by protesting to the West. Some Muslims in the other end totally disagree and ask Muslims to uphold the dignity of Islam in a better way. By writing my own opinion in this matter, it adds to the diversity of perspectives in viewing this event. A reader who accidentally read a blog will enrich his faculty of thought in gaining perspectives of a certain event.

Nevertheless, it does not mean whatever I wrote here is always true. It could be wrong. By writing and if someone gave me a comment on my writing, I am able to learn my mistake. Sometimes, a person unable to see his own mistake but others could see it. So, if you see me make any mistake, please correct me.

enough for today....

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