Wednesday, June 14, 2006

a friend

A real friend wishes his companions well,
He's not one who allows them to get close to hell,
Always be careful of the friends you Choose,So, in the end,
Jannah you will not lose,
If you find your companion is not stopping your wrong,
then, be weary, his friendship is not strong.
If you see the pattern made,that when you are under your friend's shade,
Your Imaan begins to fade,
Leave the worthless creation,make friends with Allah, Surely that is a high station!.
A dervish who had knowledge of our present situation,
Once told his students the following dictation,
"The meeting of people will never enrich you,
save with the gibberish of useless gossip.
So diminish your meeting with people,
except for knowledge or to improve your condition"

Rasulullah Sal'Allahu'alayhiwasalam said:

"The best of companions in Allah's view is the best among them to his companion, and the best of neighbours in Allah's view is the best among them towards his neighbour."
[sahih Bukhari & Muslim]

This hadith certainly struck my mind. After 5 semesters spend at Melbourne, I doubt I'm good towards neighbours and friends....hmm, that probably questionable too. Let see....the neighbour on left side of the house...spoke only once but many times with his dog ;) the dog always barked now and then. Even in the midnight. How noisy the dog is.

The neighbour on the right...well, there are local students next door. I think we have good relationship with them.

let see...friends..close friends, i think i can count few. 5 semesters gone...yet close friends were not that many.....this aspect certainly need to be improved thousand and thousand times. Sometimes, many people misunderstood me. Sorry for that. I'm not that good in communicating and expressing something.

How about you? the one who read this. Have you been good towards your friends and neighbours all these while :)...something to ponder upon...

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