Friday, June 09, 2006


Finally, my semester exam is over. Four straight days of exam clearly took its toll on me. Stress, panicky as the time of exam approaches and a bit sleep-deprived.

Alhamdulillah, the exam was not that difficult although I did several mistakes. Hopefully I will get good marks from this exam. Into Allah SWT alone, a person hope and he should become content to whatever the result will be...becoz deep in his heart, he should know that those results were the best and the most suitable for him.

5 semesters at the university and another 7 semesters at the hospital.....a journey that will be over without me ever realising it...

Tomorrow or to be exact here at Melbourne, tonight...the old pandemic of World Cup will strike again. The pandemic will spread from Germany right across the globe. Most XY chromosomes will be affected and having XX chromosomes is protective. Nevertheless, this pandemic has gained more virulence factors and some people with XX already infected.

Nevertheless, there are more important things to do than spending all the free time watching all the matches :)

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