Wednesday, June 21, 2006


In the epidemic of World Cup main symptom will be quite obvious and seriously need to be taken care of. The heart. Yeah..the heart.

Just imagine this situation...your favourite team is leading by 1-0 but in the very last 10 minute...the opponent scores 2 goals and suddenly, your favourite team is losing. There goes the precious three points off one match. Die hard fans surely will have heart attack watching this kind of hope-being-destroyed-in-10-minutes-environment.

Another situation is when your favourite football player kicks the ball but it hits goal post. Your heart beats faster and quicker than ever. Watching a football match is a very dynamic process. Hope, wish, anger, name it...all those emotions emerged throughout the match. And you are not the only one experiencing this emotional outburst. Thousands, millions fans out there watch the match around the globe.

The World Cup certainly attracts lots of attention. People from all walks of life, the young and old...all come together to watch the match. I certainly suggest to those who are going to watch a very tense football match to check their heart prior. Who knows your might be having a sudden heart attack in the middle of the match.

Only those who have brave and strong heart can watch the World Cup. Feeble heart should shy away ;)

p/s: Wonder what will happen if Brazil lost a match....

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