Wednesday, August 02, 2006

a busy week

Another week of collecting data for my research. My research is a clinical audit and that involves me interviewing and examining as many patients as I can. Felt like doing OSCE a thousand times but this time it is real patient. No more simulated patient.

It is quite hard initially. The first day, the clinic received few 5th year medical students and I felt quite crowded indeed. I think they are doing their rotation for paediatrics. Anyway, I managed to get through that. Some of the 5th year thought me as a real doc as I'm quite fast doing my interviewing and physical examination:). I had to be fast as I need to get as many patients as possible.

Examining patients was not that easy though. I have to do the interview and examination in front of the consultants and registrars. Quite nervous at first. I had to be self-conscious at first of what I talked and told to the patient. Being the lowest in the chain and lacking expertise certainly a cause for me to be anxious.Fortunately my supervisor help me a lot.

After spending a lot of time with the patients, I have noticed that the patients and their family are quite varied. There are childrens who are so hyperactive and in another extreme, there are those who are so gloomy. There are parents who are over-protective and quite anxious. And there are parents who let their children to have anything what they want. There are a lot of invisible pyschosocial factors hidden among the patients and families. An interesting observation for me.

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