Friday, August 25, 2006


Ever since I read Aie's answer to my questions, I have been thinking.

She said that she never had any choice to choose medicine. That sentence send me straight away to my past :).

During high school in which I took science stream subjects, biology and chemistry were never my favourite subjects. I usually get around 60% for biology and for chemistry around 65%. In fact, I failed my chemistry once ;).

My language subjects, be it Malay or English were never my strength. I hardly ever get marks beyond 80%. I am only good in Math and Additional Maths. Physics..hmm, towards the end of my F5 year, I started to like the subject.

Nobody in my family nor relatives nor distant relatives has become a doctor or nurse or anything to do with the medical field. So, you cannot said that I've been influenced by my family or relatives. In fact, I never dream to become a doctor.

After SPM, I went to the matriculation for about 2 months. During those time, I attended several interviews. Whenever I try to apply for any scholarship, usually I don't know which career I should choose. Thus, I choose several most popular careers such as medicine, engineering and accounting :).

In the end, I got several interviews and few weeks later, I received two offers for scholarship. One for engineering and one for medicine. It was tough time for me to decide. One path will give me 3-4 years at uni and another will send me 5-6 years at uni. I'm strong in Math and Physics but not Biology.

After asking guidance from Allah, somehow my heart tends slightly towards medicine. Thus, if someone asked me why did I choose this path, probably I would say that I don't know :D and only Allah knows what is best for me.

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