Monday, August 28, 2006

IE7- RC1

That stands for Internet Explorer 7 Release Candidate 1.

Not much different from Beta 3 though. Overall, the latest Internet Explorer only match what has been available on Firefox and Opera. 3-4 years late.

I still remember the day I choose Firefox over Internet Explorer. Whenever I try to open more than 10 windows on IE, my operating system (Windows XP) start to slow down and later hang. I have to restart all over again. Plus there are simply too many security breach while using IE.

The first time I am using Firefox, I'm quite impressed with tab browsing. It was the first time I use that feature. Now, surfing through many website is as simple as one click. Just click one tab and you will go to the next web. In IE, you have to click the blue taskbar below (most of the time, I choose to group all the IE windows as one group), and then choose from the list shown. That cost me two clicks of effort :).

I'm also impressed that there are simply too many extensions to the Firefox. From time to time, I will visit the Firefox site to check the latest extension available. You will never know what do you need unless you give it a try ;)

Having said that, the only time I ever use IE was when I need to update my operating system and Microsoft Office. The Microsoft website simply don't allow you to use other browser beside IE.

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