Sunday, August 13, 2006

crazy banana

AN Australian has put a banana for sale on eBay in protest at the Howard Government's management of the economy.

After last week's decision by the Reserve Bank to raise interest rates the seller claims he can no longer afford to keep the banana and has decided to cut his losses and sell the piece of fruit.

It turned out to be a sound business decision. He has received a $26 offer.

Tropical Cyclone Larry destroyed 80 per cent of Australia's banana crops earlier this year forcing a hike in prices which currently rests at an average of $12/kg.

In the immediate aftermath of Cyclone Larry banana prices were projected to reach $6/kg but Australians have had to dig deep for the usually inexpensive item and there are still concerns prices will continue to rise.

The seller of the banana has included three photographs of the product to keep with the eBay selling tradition of displaying products for sale.

"As can be seen in the photo(s) the banana is quite a pleasant shade of yellow, with green tinges suggesting that it should survive another week or so," said the seller.

"When eaten, I suggest slicing over breakfast cereal (as I initially planned), or alternatively you could allow it to ripen a little, freeze it and make "real" banana bread later this year when prices would otherwise forbid it."

And just when you think bananas could not possibly be more expensive, do not forget that this fruity treat does incur shipping - the regular $5 postage charge will be added to the highest bid.

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Funny :D. Believe me, in Australia nowadays, the price of banana is skyrocketing. Beside oil price, banana price is certainly increased by leaps and bounds. After reading this, I think anything can be selled through eBay :)

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