Saturday, August 25, 2007

week 5

Now, I have finished the 5th week of my rotation. Only one more week left. I guess I will try to practice neuro physical examination throughout the semester since it will take lots of practice to become familiar with those examinations.

Every medical student need to learn the steps in examining a patient and every system in the body has its own specific examination. What I mean by system is the division of human body for example brain, hand, leg, chest, breast, abdomen and genital. Each of the system has different steps involved which will help in diagnosing a specific disease.

Now, in my current rotation, I need to know how to examine eye, ear, nose, throat, specific cranial nerves , hand,leg and gait. Different diseases have different types of presenting symptom and I need to be aware of that. An example would be Parkinson's disease. There are a lot of diseases that can mimic Parkinson's to the point that many physicians/doctors misdiagnosed someone with Parkinson where in reality those people have another disease.

I was quite busy this week that I forgot the actual date of my birthday. To recap what I have posted on my birthday in the past few years, here are the links to my previous post.


I will end this post with this verse from al-Quran as a reminder for me.
For, Believers are those who, when Allah is mentioned, feel a tremor in their hearts, and when they hear His signs rehearsed, find their faith strengthened, and put (all) their trust in their Lord;


intan saleh said...

si.. i forgot too. ekceli i forget almost everyone's this year. so yeah.. happy belated, hafiz. may we all become wiser as our time shortened.

SoFie NuR said...

busy smpai x igt bday seniri...?!! adeh..huhu

nway,hepi belated birthday...semoga dipanjangkan umur n dimurahkan rezeki n diberkati selalu...

gud luck...!!!

hafiz238 said...

yes....everyone has been busy now. thank you intan and sofie :)

Minci said...

my my big boy oredi..
happy birthday..
yea.. there's a lot to know in the neurological examination.. I guess the fun is in putting the pieces together

kaSyah said...

gomenasai....bro im forgot to wish u.

ur buffday on 23th august right.

hope u will be more cool and success in every work u done...


hafiz238 said...

minci: yup, the fun is finding out the location of the lesion. Sometimes it is easy and sometimes it is complicated by other diseases.

kasyah: it's okay. Even I forgot my own birthday due to hectic schedule :)

aria ayumi said...

lepas exercise yg maha dasat kat BTN br ni, kite nak jalan pun dh mcm org parkinson. huhu. just wonder, parkinson tu camne sbnrnya... ;)

p/s-besday awk lam bulan ogos gak eh. samelah kite. hepi belated burfday :D

hafiz238 said...

parkinson tu biasanya akan ada tremor. tangan dia akan bergetar banyak kali apabila tangan dia berehat :). lagi satu, langkah kaki dia agak perlahan dan cara berjalan dia seolah-olah kaki dia melekat di atas tanah.

dan lagi satu, tubuh badan dia akan melengkung ke hadapan.

sebenarnya ada beberapa jenis gaya orang berjalan yang perlu diketahui oleh setiap pelajar perubatan :).

aria ayumi said...

owh. gitu yek. bese parkinson kene kat org yg dh berumur kan. ade probability tak kene kat org muda? btw, tremor tu ape?

hafiz238 said...

sangat sukar nak jumpa orang muda dapat Parkinson's disease.

tremor is a repetitive, often irregular movement of all or part of the body. it can be observed sometimes at hand, mouth, neck or leg :)