Monday, December 03, 2007


I will be going to Malaysia tonight. I might not be able to update this blog until February and I have list down my favourite post. Hopefully these posts will be beneficial to you.

The people of the boxes
Kisah semut
Kisah Adik
Pantun raya

The stranger in the dark

Predicting my future
p/s: some of them come true :)
Salam Perantauan

A pencil

My journey as a fruit picker
  • Cobram I (this is a series of post and it takes some time to read all of the post. Label: fruit picking)
1426 sapience
Ten words of wisdom
Hatiku milik siapa?

Test for the believers: Fluctuations of life
The shade of Allah

Winter Trip 2005 (Kembara dari Melbourne ke Canberra, Sydney dan Adelaide. Satu lagi siri post yang panjang)
Erti merdeka
Andai ini Ramadan terakhir

Muslims by choice
To make heart tender
Lost and found [ You have to read this especially if you are a medical student :) ]
Bertemu dan berpisah kerana Allah
Anguish and delight
Analogy of knowledge

Cool pictures

They didn't study. Funny :D
Favourite Firefox extensions
Pulitzer Prize Winners 2007. The photographer certainly deserved the prize. Click to find out why.
CSS hacks for Internet Explorer
How to migrate from old Blogger template to new Blogger layout
Useful links for new Blogger
Broken heart syndrome
Medical Student. Comic. Interesting :)
The big C
Medical Abbreviations

Enjoy. Good bye and please forgive me for any of my mistakes...


mosh said...

cyber cafe ada?

aria ayumi said...

based on ur entry titled "winter trip 2005"... i think.. kamo dh cukup bertuah hafiz dpt tnggal di negara asing. even xdpt melawat satu negara australia. ramai lg yg ingin punya pengalaman yg kamo lalui... spt kite...

SoFie NuR said...

bestnye balik malaysia...nk cuti gak...uwaaa...

have a nice holiday...semoga selamat pergi n selamat pulang...

hayad said...

ala, xkn lame benor x updet sampe bln 2?

mesia byk lg cc. broadband pun dah ada,hehe

arsaili said...

salam ..enjoy ur hols..

Sarah Mohd Shukor said...


selamat bercuti di msia. salam eidul adha fr moscow.

used to be efx2-er said...


Hope you're having a great time there!

Sorry for not visiting often. Certain things came up.

This is PB's sister btw.

farah y said...

Hafiz! Assalamualaikum :)
Long time no see, I hope all is well.

I datang² your page je, tengok you tengah ada kat Msia eh. Take care and Have loads of fun!

P/s: I have revived my blog from the dead. Do hop by when you're free!

hafiz238 said...

mosh, i hardly used any internet in malaysia. Lagi pun, internet speed is not as interesting as in Melbourne.

aria ayumi, alhamdulliah, itu ada kesempatan untuk berjalan2 ikut kawan. Jauh berjalan, luas pengalaman :)

sofie, terima kasih kerana singgah di blog ini.

Hayad, kalau ada internet pun, takder idea nak tulis apa :)

arsaili dan sarah, thanks for the wish.

used to be efx2-er, i think I know who you are. Hope you are doing well there.

farah...wah, dah hidup kembali. nanti akan jenguk yer...