Saturday, March 28, 2009

Emergency Medicine

I'm currently doing three weeks of Emergency Medicine. This rotation is one of the rotations that I've been looking forward to do since pre-clinical years. It is an interesting yet challenging at the same time. It can sharpened your skills in diagnosing wide variety of acute and life-threatening medical conditions and at the same time, provide me with lots of ample opportunity to do procedural skills.

There are two shifts everyday and each shift lasts for about 6 hours. Each people have at maximum, three shift per week. For this week, I have done two morning shift and one night shift. Next week, I will do two night shift and one day shift.

From my observation so far, morning shift is not as busy as night shift. However, there are times when the night shift is lacking of new admissions. Sometimes, it can be boring when you don't have anything to do but you can always clerk the patient and present the case to the registrar or to the consultants.

My group is quite enthusiastic and have managed to do scheduled rosters for weekends as well. I might be a little bit busy in these three weeks.

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