Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring forward, fall backward

It is the time of the year when people start to look around and ask for confirmation on when is the daylight saving period.

Daylight saving period is the time when you changed your clock either one hour forward or backward. It may seem confusing initially but when you are used to this annual change, it is no longer something that is amusing and perplexing.

For Victoria, the daylight saving period will ends on next Sunday, 5th of April 2009. Previously, daylight saving period ends on last Sunday of March, but they changed it last year. Now, the daylight saving period will end on first Sunday of April.

People always get confused on whether to add one more hour or remove one hour from their clock. This is the mnemonic that I have been using in the past few years.

Spring forward, fall backward.

During spring, you add one more hour and in autumn, you remove one hour from your clock. If you are able to remember this, daylight saving period will no longer be confusing.


Sarah said...

I just gave away my 1 hour in advance. Hence, you'll have extra 1 hour next week. Hehe. Our DST started today. Can I say it's officially spring? Erm.. Not really. Snow is still everywhere!

Hafiz said...

@ Sarah, thank you for giving me one hour in advance :D

It is supposed to be autumn here but autumn does not really come in Melbourne until very late in June or July.

Sarah Shukor said...

And it's supposed to be spring here. But up till this moment, it's still snowing outside. Winter has never been this long. I've been living in snow since November. This is the longest winter ever.

Hafiz said...

@ sarah, this must be the effect of global warming. the season seems not following the normal annual pattern