Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Medical Abbrevations

I will finish my current rotation tomorrow. Overall, this rotation is felt like an extended summer holiday for me, since there is so much free time in a 6-weeks rotation. This are the medical abbreviations I learned in Rehabilitation, Aged Care, Palliative Care and Psychiatry of Old Age (RAPP).

ACAS - Aged Care Assessment Services
AFO - Ankle-Foot-Orthosis
APATT - Aged Psychiatry Assessment and Treatment Team
BIST - Behaviour Intervention Support Team
BPSD - Behavioural and Pyschological Symptoms of Dementia
CACP - Community Aged Care Package
CDAMS - Cognitive, Dementia and Memory Services
CDDHV - Centre for Developmental Disability Health Victoria
CIBIS - Clinicans' Interview-Based Impression of Status
CIND - Cognitive impairment not dementia [Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI)]
CRU - Community Residential Unit
CUG - cystourethrography
DBMAS - Dementia Behaviour Management Advisory Service
EPOA - Enduring Power of Attorney
FIM - Functional Independence Measure
FISS - Family Intervention Support Unit
GDS - Geriatric Depression Scale
HACC - Home And Community Care
HARP - Hospital Admission Risk Program [PDF]
IDC - Indwelling urethral catheter
IVP - Intravenous Pyelogram
KAFO - Knee-Ankle-Foot-Orthosis
MMSE - Mini Mental State Examination
NWB - Non-Weight Bearing
OPA - Office of the Public Advocate
PAS - Psychogeriatric Assessment Scales
PGAT - Psychogeriatric Assessment Teams
PWB - Partial Weight Bearing
RDNS - Royal District Nursing Service
RECIPE - REsidential Care Intervention Program in the Elderly [PDF]
RUDAS - Rowland Universal Dementia Assessment Scale
SPC - Suprapubic catheter
SRS - Supported Residential Services
SSA - Shared Supported Accommodation
THA - Total Hip Arthroplasty
TWB - Touch Weight Bearing
VCAT - Victoria Civil and Administrative Tribunal

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