Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Break

I am in the middle of one week of Easter break. One week of holiday is a good time for me to do some revision. In fact, I need to revise my previous three rotations in the last semester. There are lot of stuff to be covered.

The coming exam is a major exam that contributes a lot of mark towards the final assessment of my 6 years course.

Unlike the pre-clinical exams which only involve answering multiple choice questions, essay and performing standard physical exam, this time, the exam would be a little bit different. One new component is to do long case presentation in front of a physician and a surgeon. You would be confronted with questions from them and you will never know what kind of questions you will be asked. This requires good and broad medical knowledge on common clinical conditions. Hopefully I will be able to remember the important facts when the exam comes which will be in less than 2 months.