Saturday, March 29, 2008

end of holiday.

My only mid-semester break for this semester is now almost over. One week seems a short time for me. How time flies and now my second rotation will start on this Monday.

My next rotation would be anaesthetic, dermatology, rheumatology and plastic surgery (Skin, Bone and Joints). There is a lot of anatomical stuff involved in this block. I don't know how many muscles, bone and ligaments that I should remember by the end of this rotation.

This reminds me of my last four weeks in Semester 3. The last four weeks were purely anatomy. Almost all the lectures were about muscles, bones and joints in upper and lower limb. If I'm not mistaken, there are about 20 muscles in the forearm and I used to remember a mnemonic to remember the name of those muscles. I need to find those mnemonics again and dig up my old lecture notes.

Anyway, I would like to bring up this quote again from my old post, Lost and Found.

Lost : Ability to enjoy life and time to spend with friends and family.
Found : Overwhelming sense of impending doom.
Last seen : Before entering medical school.

This sound right to me :D


intan saleh said...

ops.. u missed ortho.

hmm.. takyah ingat semua anatomy but a few yang important je. dermatome myotome. classification. it's all about how to do good exam, and management.

we had almost zero teaching in rheumato & dermato, and nil on plastic kat bendigo. cenne ntah survive this block. heh!

btw, are you doing it at austin? klau nak join ur topic session on plastic surgery bleh ke?

hafiz238 said...

a ah, terlupa ortho. This block seems to have a lot of speciality in it. Thanks for the info.

I'm doing it at Austin and my last rotation will be at Northern again.

Topic session on plastic surgery tu, tak sure. You might have to ask the consultant first but I don't mind if you would like to join our topic session....

Ummu Layth said...

agree. tak yah tau pun anatomy sangat. kalau nak tau anatomy pun...just the bones...big bones! asal tau femur, fibula and tibia tu cukup bagus ler. yang penting in ortho is camne nak describe Xray.

our rheum block was appalling. dah la dean kitorang consultant rheumatologist! aparraaa. anyway, rheum bukan joints je but also connective tissue disease and autoimmune stuff yang aku tak minat langsung. (anti-rheum!)

arsaili said...

end of day light kat sini dh sama ngan msia..kat melb kurang satu jam dah beza kan...selamat berjuang semula...

hafiz238 said...

aliya, okay i will try to remember the long bones then :).

bias sungguh kalo camtu. i don't really like autoimmune disease too since there are several antibodies that can be related to few diseases at the same time.

arsaili, if I'm not mistaken, daylight saving for this year is postponed till next weekend. Are you still at Malaysia ker ni?