Saturday, March 29, 2008

heavy website

How fast your website can load? It is an important question whenever I design my blog layout. Not many people have fast internet connection and many people tend to discard any website that is slow to load.

There are several things that will slow down the loading time of websites. Having too many advertisements, images and Flash objects will hinder the loading time of any websites. Putting complicated JavaScript might cause internet browser such as Internet Explorer and Firefox to stall or crash.

One of the tools that I used to check my blog layout is Pingdom Tools. It gives detail analysis of what is being downloaded whenever someone is visiting this blog.

Here is the snapshot of the analysis. The full report is here.

The current layout for my blog at the moment is a bit heavy since it has few JavaScript and various small images. If I have time, I might redesign the entire layout to make it simpler than the current design.

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