Friday, April 11, 2008

Learning the language

2 weeks into this rotation, I have learned various new vocabulary related to dermatology and orthopaedics. Dermatology lead us to become more aware of any skin lesions and to check for tiny details on the lesion that may help in diagnosis.

Several new words that I have learned so far: papule, eschar, purpura, ecchymoses, nodule, blister, sloughy, gangrene, naevus and comidone.

Instead of describing a normal skin lesion as a tiny dark spot on the skin, I'm now describing it as a dark brown macule lesion with a diameter of roughly 5mm with well-defined margin which may be consistent with epidermal melanocytic naevus.

See how long the descriptive word has become now ;). There are more descriptive terms that need to be used to describe any skin lesion.


chem said...

regarding skin lesion... i find it interesting to describe chicken pox's rash:

erythematous macular papular vesicular pustular rash

the type of lesion appeared at the patient's body according to above sequence..meaning 1. erythematous, 2. macular, 3. on

that's why if u find rashes at multiple site of the body, you will know which site came out first :)

hafiz238 said...

that is a rather long word for a rash but it seems interesting to describe the lesion that way :)

aria ayumi said...

huhu. manyaknye words pelik2 yg tak penah jumpa. papule, purpura dan bagai2 tu, berkait ngan skin ke

hafiz238 said...

semua tu berkaitan dengan kulit. Kebanyakan tu berasal daripada bahasa Latin :)