Monday, April 28, 2008

studying hard

There are a lot to cover. At this point, I'm only revising the common and important diseases that I need to know as an intern. The rare diseases.... I leave that to the registrars or for the consultants :)

I started to come early to the hospital and went back late since the exam is less than two months away. The only reason is the library. Somehow, library provide conducive and warm environment to study. At home, it is a bit difficult.

However, I will not be able to do that in my next rotation. The next rotation will be at Northern which is a different hospital from the current hospital. It is further from home and the timetable is more packed. The time to travel will be longer.

Sometimes I think I'm studying too hard. I mean I revised to the point of full saturation and I get headache from studying. I have to stop for few minutes and then forcing myself to continue my revision again.

I'm blogging this as part of my break from my own revision. At least, this will bring back my focus towards reading my notes. Ok, good bye for now.


Ummu Layth said...

udah-udahler tu study..kalau dah sampai tahap tepu tu..dah banyak sangat study dah tu =p

i'm sure your 'banyak lagi to cover' is incomparable to everyone else. hehehe. you are the epitome of studiousness

Farah Y said...

All the very best, Hafiz :)

hafiz238 said...

@ummu layth, not really :) . There are a lot of MCQ questions that I couldn't answer, so I've to study harder. I think you are a better role model than me. You are able to study while looking after a son and husband :) . That is simply amazing.

@farah, thank you.