Sunday, April 20, 2008

Number of posts

It seems that the number of posts in this blog has been decreasing. I guess this can be contributed to the number of hours I spend for revision. Clinical years is quite busy and sometimes the consultants expect you to know some stuff that you've never learned before. You have to study on your own and should not expect the consultants to teach you. Prior to the clinical years, you can always depend on the lecture notes given by the lecturer and now, there is even less lectures. You have to be independent and organised your own timetable and notes.

The conclusion from this chart is that I should write more often in this blog :)


aria ayumi said...

huhu. camne ye hafiz uat chart ni ye? tingin gak nak uat. :D

hafiz238 said...

ni guna microsoft excel sahaja. Kalau teringin nak buat, nanti boleh tulis satu tutorial untuk buat ni :)