Wednesday, April 02, 2008

power blackout

I was having lunch and noticed that it was extremely windy outside. The weather forecast mentioned that today will be raining. After that, I went to the library and discovered that the light was flickering. Perhaps there was some short circuit somewhere, I thought.

Not long after that, the library went totally dark. An announcement was made that there was power failure in the entire hospital. This is the first time it occurs and it was rare to see total blackout in the hospital. Few of the surgeries were cancelled and the operating theatres had to use emergency generator.

Code brown which stands for disaster plan was activated. My tutorial had to be cancelled and having nothing to do, I went home.

The weather outside once I step out is extremely windy. Many small tree branches have fallen down on the road and traffic light was out. Fortunately, it is not peak time yet and the traffic is not that busy.

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Ummu Layth said...

wow..really? blackout eh. didn't notice it. but on the way home i noticed my windshield kept getting muddy. the rain was actually muddy rain. yuck.

the sky is a bit creepy today. pink and grey...macam jerebu skit2

angin kuat giler. nak jalan to the car...macam nak melayang.

hafiz238 said...

yup, blackout satu hospital. angin pula sangat lah kuat. News said the maximum wind speed today was around 120 km/h.

mosh said...

can't remember any blackout when i was there. storm must've been bad.

hafiz238 said...

the weather was quite bad but it only last for a day.