Sunday, April 20, 2008

Plastic surgery

It is often associated with cosmetic such as reconstructing face, nose and breast. After 3 weeks in this rotation, I learned that plastic surgeons do more than that. In fact, in a public hospital, it is less likely to see them doing surgery related to beauty purposes.

Many of the patients that come to see plastic surgeon were from patients who had fracture, had skin tumour removed, had serious trauma that is affecting their arms and legs and some serious medical problems that is affecting their function to live as a normal human being.

In fact, in a plastic clinic, the patients were totally different and sometimes unexpected. I could be asked by the plastic surgeon on anatomy of various part of the body. I've to be well prepared before coming to a plastic clinic. Fortunately, I've mastered the anatomy of upper limb, head and neck and abdomen :)


aria ayumi said...

nowadays, laki pun ade gak uat plastic surgery kan... yg kite tahu, arnold susah-nak-eja pun uat plastic surgery. sbb nak kasik muka mcm robot *utk cite terminator*

hafiz238 said...

owh, yang tu tak tahu pula...