Friday, March 25, 2005

The answer....

well, after roughly a week publishing those puzzle, here is the answer.

the answer is the shape of an arrow :)

Only two people emailed me the correct answer. Thus, there are only two winners for this puzzle.

Congratulation to the winners. Unfortunately, I don't have any prize to be given to you all =).

This puzzle is an interesting one since the underlying concepts in the answer was quite an enlightening concept. The concept is to 'think outside the box'. If you were to seek the answer of this puzzle by trying to connect all this nine dots within the perceived box, you would fail.

We, as human being, tend to think in rather narrowed perspective. For example, when I talked with a patient, my mind goes elsewhere. Thinking of the symptoms and thinking of building a logical mechanism (read: side effect of PBL).

Thinking of the action of hydrogen ions inside the mitochondria inside a heart muscle cell encompassed with triple layers of heart inside the chest of a human being.

Thinking of the movement of the postive and negative ions jumping to and fro in the cell membrane of a nerve inside the airways inside the lungs inside the anterior surface of the chest.

When medical students see an electrocardiogram, they spend lots of times trying to elucidate it. They try to understand the reading of the ECG rather the patient. They forgot they are dealing with a human being rather than the pathogens. Common mistake of medical students and the doctors. In the end, they never managed to knew the patient underlying concerns.

think outside the box!

p/s : human life is also representing a box too. Many people live in their own perceived world and never knew the real meaning of their existence in this temporal world. Do you?

Think outside the box....and you may find out the real meaning of this life...

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