Friday, March 11, 2005


ITis - inflammation of information technology.

ITis, that is my diagnosis on my current condition. Almost every part of my life is infected by this contagious. Internet is my primary tool of survival. Within a couple of clicks, I will solve my PBL case of the week. Too easy for such research by the way though. If there are certain medical terms I don't understand, there is several online medical dictionary available for general usage. My favourites online medical dictionary and health-related websites are listed on the links that you can see on the left side of this blog.

At university, almost all of our lecturers posted their lecture slides on the medical faculty website. The website is called the Topclass. Thus, if I would like to do some pre-reading prior to the lceture, I would just downloaded the lecture material and then later, printed it out. Even our PBL discussion were done via the Topclass. Not to mention the announcement by the university or medical faculty or even by the medical student society.

ITis it was that I even scanned the thick medical books. I would borrowed from the medical library and brought it to the Student IT centre which is opened 24 hours daily. Scanned the pages I needed and later returned the book to the library. The scanning by the way was free ;)

Sometimes, if I were too lazy to walk to the next room in my house, I would just 'talked' via Yahoo Messenger or MSN Messenger. Symptom of severe ITis =)

At university, I rarely had the chance to talk or discuss with my coursemate. Everyone is always busy with their own study despite we go to the same lecture hall every day. Most of our commnunication were done via YM or MSN. Sometimes, I think I talked more online than offline *wink*. Pity me.

This blog is also another sign of this infectious disease. Although I rarely write (it is not I don't have anything to write, but too lazy to do it), this blog represent one of my coping mechanism in facing the stressful life of the world of medicine. The world of blog also represent my meeting place with my friends around the globe :D Everyone have their own opinions and expressed it for their friends to know. Sometimes those opinion were heavily discussed through chatbox or comments. Sometimes, the opinion were corrected and sometimes don't.

ITis....I wonder when the treatment for this symptom is available for the general public :D

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