Friday, March 04, 2005

the future to come...

This week has been a little bit hectic as the mid-semester exam is approaching. With the off-campus atachment to attend, the PBL case to be researched...and many more to-do-list...

I have visited the website for Advanced Medical Science and the list of those units were very long. I am perplexed on choosing the unit. For non-Melbournian medic students, Advanced Medical Science (AMS) is a special year for Melbourne medic student. In those year, the formal academic course stops. No more PBL, no more ICM, no more formal lecture (if you are lucky). All in all, it is a year for us to 'relax' before we succumb to the world of clnical years later on. It is a year for us to play with statistics and a year to endure the precision of numbers and calculations. It is a year for us to grasp the concept of applied statistics again.

Basically, in those year....I have to do one research on any topics that I choose from and later submit lengthy thesis to my supervisor. Depending on the unit and the kind of research I do, sometimes those thesis will be published on the medical journal to be scrutinised by the medical professionals around the globe.

Some of my friends, I heard, would like to do AMS at their respective home country and some would like to do here at Melbourne. I don't know where I should do my AMS yet.

Beside USA and war-torn countries, we can do our research anywhere on the planet earth even at Antartica, provided there is an opportunity and a supervisor. Not forgetting the financial support too.

The decision day is not that far now. A unit must be chosen. A profound insight need to be made. The future to come, I am still have not a crystal-clear view on those matter.

Reality it is end of 3rd week. 11 weeks more to go before the winter holiday comes. *sigh*

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