Monday, March 28, 2005


fractal - Patterns (real or mathematical) which look similar at different scales, for example the network of airways in the lung which shows similar branching patterns at progressively higher magnifications. Natural fractals are self-similar across a finite range of scales while mathematical fractals are the same across an infinite range. Many natural, including biological, structures are fractal (or fractal-like). Fractals are related to "chaos" (see nonlinear dynamics) in that chaotic processes can produce fractal structures in nature, and appropriate representations of chaotic processes usually reveal self-similarity over time.

I still remember what my lecturer, A/Prof Lou Irving, mentioned in the lecture about this term. Our lung consists of 300 million air outpouches (alveoli) and he asked us what is the best way to ensure all alveoli receive the same amount of air at the same time. Clearly, it is a difficult challenge to maneuver if humans were to solve those question. This question is talking about velocity, density of gas and all sorts of physics law.

And then, our lecturer mentioned that starting from the main air pipe (trachea), it divides dichotomously as such the distance in all alveoli are equal. The ratio between the first branch of airways to the next branch, is equal to the ratio of the next branch with the next next branch of airways. The ratio here is the ratio of length and the diameter of each airways branches. Altogether, there are 23 branches of airways. Thus, air can be supplied equidistance to all those 300 millions alveoli. This dichotomous ratio is called fractal.

I read another article regarding this remarkable phenomenon (click here) and indeed I was amazed at the wonder of the creation. Subhanallah, there is no God worty of worship except Allah. Allah is the Lord and the creator of all universe.

Indeed, if we were to explore the beauty in His creations, there are signs for those people of thinking. Almost 22 years of breathing free oxygen , how much have I practised islam and spread the word about the Almighty God? Deep contemplation for us all. Muhasabah always.....

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