Friday, March 18, 2005

Warning! Contagious virus.....

Few weeks ago, it came with two vectors. Then, within a week or so, it replicates and managed to infect another two subjects. First, they became the hosts for the virus. Upon chronic exposure towards the virus, their immune system fails and start to recognise those virus as part of the normal cell. They no longer able to detect the invasion of those virus.

This nasty virus then replicates within those two hosts many copies. One of the host was infected by more than 100 copies of those virus. Those vast copious viruses start to permeate their mind and body. No longer they think nor talk about people or the surrounding world. The virus start to orchestrate their act and attitude.

The virus is VERY VERY contagious. Most of my friends I know were already infected by this epidemic virus. From USA, Ireland, UK, Malaysia, Australia and even my own house was invaded by this virus.

The virus is called.....NARUTO. It originate from Japan and somehow, through the borderless internet, the virus managed to infiltrate many people.

My house is already become the hub of Naruto. From the first episode till the latest, you could find it easily here. The word 'chakra' or 'Hokage' perfurse into our daily conversation. Seriously.

Fortunately, my immune system still manage to combat and recognise this virus. But, I don't know how long my precious sterile immune system can defend and combat against those pervasive voluminous virus.

Currently, there is no treatment nor effective vaccine to kill this virus. Only time will tell us on the detrimental effect of this virus. The long term capability of this virus is yet to be discovered.

To anyone out there, if you could find any cure for this virus....please tell me :)

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