Wednesday, March 21, 2007


My supervisor asked me to send full draft on Tuesday morning. That is yesterday. Thus, I spend most of my time last weekend to write it. A full draft contains all the necessary things of a completed project; abstract, introduction, methods, results, discussion, conclusion and references. It was quite busy in the past few days. Bear in mind that my supervisor would like to publish this project in a medical journal. It was a tough job to do.

I only managed to complete it by early Tuesday morning. There are literally hundreds of mistakes and non-sense rambling in my writing. If you see me blogging or commenting at other blogs, that indicate I was stuck at writing :). I have no experience in writing an extremely long (my definition of long is something that is more than 5000 words) assignment before and to expect me to write something for publication, that is even more challenging.

This evening, my supervisor send me the edited version of the draft. There are many red marks in it and it requires significant improvement. I have to do additional literature review. Expect me to be extremely busy again. That does not mean I will stop blogging temporarily anyway ;)

p/s: let us pray that Intan can find her thumbdrive.

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