Monday, March 19, 2007


It is common for people to use search engine to search for info. Most of the new visitors to this blog arrived via google and yahoo. It is interesting to see what kind of keywords they search for. For the uninitiated, I am using Google Analytics to analyse all the web traffic data. The top keyword of this week is surprisingly 'Siti Fatimah Mukhtar'. I think this refer to the post I wrote here.

There were 16 searches about her. It is strange since in the post, the only word about her name was in the news snippet I pasted from NST.

Just to let you know, the top four keywords in 2006 were 'kembara di bumi melbourne', 'tunku kurshiah college', 'saladin animation malaysia' and 'xifu algebra'. Compare this with the top four keywords in this year (up until today); 'kembara di bumi melbourne', 'xifu and the algebra', 'cerpen faisal tehrani' and 'aliya murshida fotopages'.

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