Monday, March 12, 2007

expanding words

My research is now almost at its end. The dateline to submit the final thesis is on mid of May. That means I have roughly less than 3 months. At the moment, I have typed 3000 words and the word limit is 10000 words. It is bit hard to reach that word limit now. I guess I' not used to it yet. The last time I have to do a written assignment was in semester 3, I think. That is quite a long period indeed and I think my writing skill need to be polished up. It will take sometime to get used to typing.

On the other hand, I have managed to understand the concept behind multiple regression analysis and have finished analysing the data. I just need to confirm this with a statistician in case there is another simpler concept to be used. Epidemiological statistics is a bit weird to understand...relative risk, odd ratio and few type of hypothesis testing, Type 1 error, Type II error, Mann-Whitney test etc....I guess advanced statistics is not something that I like. Fortunately, I just need to use STATA for any analysis :)

additional note: while surfing for t-test, i found this sentence :D
This test was described by W. S. Gossett, who first published it under his regular pseudonym "Student" (although I don't know why he used a pseudonym, perhaps it was a good idea given the pain and suffering this test has caused students ever since).

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