Wednesday, March 28, 2007

heavy user?

I read this news today and chuckled...

Getting Net savvy
Finding a life on the Net

....Other findings from the survey include:

- Students and working professionals constitute most users, with students 23 per cent more likely than average to be heavy users (people who spend more than three hours online per day).

- Home followed by work or school are the two most common points of access for heavy users at 77 per cent and 73 per cent respectively.

NST 28 March 07
Heavy users were defined as people who spend more than 3 hours online. I think I will fall under the category of extremely heavy user ;) since most of the assignment, info searching etc were accomplished using Internet. In fact, the first thing in the morning I will be online to check for news and weather forecast. If only there were widespread of cheap broadband in Malaysia, there will be more people willing to use Internet as part of their daily life.

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