Saturday, November 20, 2004

BBQ raya...

"terima kasih kepada semua orang yang memasak...seperti 'kuih' kacang, Oops, kuah kacang..."

That quote I got from Mr. A who mentioned confidently 'kuih kacang' instead of kuah kacang today. Today, we had BBQ raya for all of us (although not all are coming actually), for the 'senior' to meet the 'junior'.

I only helped a little in those BBQ. My role was to cook all the stuff that has been prepared by the girls. After finishing all the cooking, we ate together with the juniors and while eating, Azni told us her secret recipe to make 'kuah kacang'. Secret indeed that I almost astonished to learn her secret ingredient. Never I heard before for someone to use that secret ingredient for cooking. You ask me the ingredient? I can't tell you that because it is confidential and hey, doesn't I wrote it as a secret :D

By the way, her 'kuah kacang' was delicious and hmm, perhaps I need to test her secret recipe in the future. Who knows...

for full credit, please see Aliya's blog

Back at home, after my fundus has distended (I learned this phrase from someone, who is it..well, I won't tell you)...i'm back at my laptop to add additional features on my new template...
The progress of my ne w template has been smooth till now...perhaps I'm going to publish it somewhere near in the future.
Please wait for my new unpublished template... patience is a virtue :)

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