Sunday, November 21, 2004

new look...


at last, after days of strenuous effort...the new template that I designed on my own for the second time is finally here. The previous green-looking template is also designed by me.

To arrive at this template, it requires me to learn more on html, Cascading style sheet (CSS) and a little bit on javascript. For me who never learn this as part of my formal education, it was quite an achievement to see. Struggling at first to comprehend the logic behind html, CSS and javascript, but as I endure all those last, I managed to conquer all those knowledge.

With every change, there is always problem to arise and for that, I would like to enquire lots and lots of comment on this new look of my blog. I am not sure whether the new template is compatible with Mac or not as I wrote the script based on MSIE6 using PC.

New Feature
  1. The colour. Now I used light blue (C8D3FD) as my background colour. Hopefully this does not caused much trouble to your eyesight ;)

  2. Picture. Previously, I don't used lot of images but with this new template, I used lots of image thus it may takes some time before you could see all the new features here at the blog. The most striking picture is the picture of the waves hitting the rock which was taken from Aliya's fotopage. If you click at it will bring you to her fotopage and if you click at it will bring you to my blog profile. Those pictures has been edited using Adobe Photoshop.

  3. Song. I add a song to this template. Give comments whether you like it or not.

  4. Calendar. This one tax me lot of time indeed as I need to refine my skills in Javascript.

  5. World local time. The script for this I took from one website. It is based on GMT and at first, I would like to include Belfast or Dublin, but I guess GMT is already enough for that. I am not sure whether the time for Michigan is correct or not due to the daylight saving time. Could anyone verify for this?

  6. The animation on the post title. This one is inspired from Intan's blog. I quickly learned the trick behind this and put it into my new template.

Hopefully, you can give comments on my new template since I am still new in this blog world :D.


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