Friday, November 26, 2004

World's Top 200 Universities

Recently, the Times have published world's top 200 universities...

Here are some universities that I would like to highlight

1- Harvard University (US) - 10oo points
2- California University Berkeley (US) - 880.2 points
3- Massachusetts Institute of Technology (US) - 788.9 points
5- Oxford University (UK) - 731.8 points (1st in Europe)
6- Cambridge University (UK) - 725.4 points
12- Tokyo University (Japan) - 482.0 points (1st in Asia)
14- Imperial College London (UK) - 443.7 points
16- Australia National University - 417.7 points (1st in Australia)
18- National University of Singapore - 385.9 points (1st in ASEAN)
22- Melbourne University - 353.2 points
31- Michigan University - 293.3 points
33- Monash University - 286.0 points
34- University College London - 284.2 points
43- Manchester University and Umist - 238.5 points
48- Edinburgh University - 227.6 points
55- RMIT University (Australia) - 203.9 points
56- Adelaide University (Australia) - 202.7 points
67- Auckland University (NZ) - 183.5 points (1st in New Zealand)
87- Trinity College Dublin (Ireland) - 167.0 points
89- Malaya University - 166.4 points (1st in Malaysia)

91- Bristol University (UK) - 165.9 points
111- Sains Malaysia University - 149.6 points
114- Otago University (NZ) - 145.9 points
150- Sheffield University (UK) - 126.9 points
151- Liverpool University (UK) - 126.8 points
185- Queen's University Belfast (UK) - 110.3 points
195- Aberdeen University (UK) - 105.7 points

For full list, visit here

reading through all the list, I have found that several popular universities are missing such as RCSI and University al-Azhar. This list might be quite biased and we ought to remember that the list only give the overall performance of the university rather than for specific course such as medicine.

Melbourne University is 22nd in the list yet it is only 2nd in Australia. In comparison with Malaysian Universities, only two are listed which are UM and USM. One year as a medical student in Melbourne University have gave me the overall view of my university. For medicine, the competition are tough indeed since only the best students in Australia can apply for a place in medicine.

If I were to speak to local that I'm doing medicine in Melbourne University, they will be astonished and asked me whether I got 99 points. They are actually referring to the local students who need to get at least 99 out of 100 points in the Australian examination ( I think it is called UMAT ). It is true that the local need to get at least 99 points out of 100 in order to be considered a place here in Melbourne Uni yet the competition is still high.

That is why it is a bit stressful to study medicine here at Melbourne University. Anyway, I am grateful still to get a place in medicine.

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