Saturday, August 06, 2005

BBQ Kiewa

Actually, I have several post to be written more on the winter trip but would like to write on this BBQ matter. Today, my house, the name is Kiewa by the way ;)...organised special BBQ since two of our housemates are leaving for good. Both of them are doing engineering and their flight ticket will be at the end of this month.

ayam-ayam yang sedia untuk diratah ;)

We arrived at the park, it was called Princes Park, on 9.00 am sharp and started to prepare the whole bbq. The fact was throughout the whole night prior to the bbq, we worked hard to marinate all those chickens and lamb meats. There were more than 250 pieces of chicken to be cut and marinated. Whoa, a bit tired after doing all those tiring job.

We invited many but only half of them could make it. There was another big event held at the same time at Albert Park by MASCA Victoria. Thus, many could not come to eat all those foods.

Throughout the whole BBQ, we chatted a lot and some unexpected thing happened. Never thought it would occur in such way but coming to think of it later, it was very funny though. Wish I could captured those moment in my camera :D

We invited most of all my batch. Altogether there should be 20 but due to some reasons, they could not come. Here the pictures of those who came. The real fact is, it is so hard to the extent of impossible to gather all twenty of us despite we went to the same lecture everyday. Wonder what is the reason behind this.....

From right: Sue, Wahyuna, Aya, Aliya, Azni, Albi, Syafirul, Me, Salami, Romi & Azhar

Attendance: 11/20 [wonder when there will be full house of Banting nih ;)]

p/s: to those who came to our BBQ, thanks for coming and sorry if the foods were too bad ;)

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