Friday, August 19, 2005


For the past few weeks, we have quite significant PBL cases. We have Multiple Sclerosis, tumour and tumour, again & again...and this week is about Huntington Disease. All of them shared one common thing. All of the patients, most of these PBL cases were based on true story though.....most of them will die in a couple of months.

Take for example the patient with brain tumour, depending on the location of the tumour and the severity of it, the patient could expect to live in a couple of months time or to live for several more years.

My PBL mates always have this to say to me; "Why is it PBL patients all of them have to die? Pity them to die at such young age?" Most of my PBL mates hated the case to be ended with death.

Death. Some said it is the worst thing that could ever to a human being. Some said if death could be prevented, human will achieve a better and more significant quality of life.

Indeed, if you were to ask the people of what they will do if today or even this very minute is the last time they will live....they will be shocked. Very shocked an most probably stunned by the question.

As for a Muslim, he ought to remember this life is only a transition from one place to another place. Life is a journey. Yet the journey on this world is too short for us to fill it with useless matter.

What will you do if you were diagnosed with some life-threatening disease and told by the doctor that you only have a couple of months to live? What more if you suddenly die during your sleep without any prior warning?


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