Monday, August 15, 2005

paradigmshift: 1 year

After one year existing on the virtual world, today is the first anniversary of this blog. One year....much have been gained through this blog. Personally, some of the objectives that I have set one year ago have been achieved yet some were still far.

Using the medium of this virtual world as the way of me expressing on everything, be it personal matter, be it my opinion towards the globe....I personally believed there exist lots of room for me to improve on.

Lacking the ability to compose beautiful and wonderful writing in both English and Malay, I have still lots of things to do. The blog is only a tool. If you are able to use the tool wisely, you would be able to achieve something that is far greater than what have you been imagining previously.

One year being a blog writer, I have gained deeper understanding on the languange of HTML. Up till today, I have created at least two separate designs for this blog. One was green in colour and the existing template is rather blue in its background. Yet, my knowledge is still too small to be proud of. The existing template is not stable for non Win-XP viewing. Not to mention differences across different browsers such as IE or Mozilla. Yearning to be able to construct a template that is hopefully stable across different platforms.

One year gone. Looking at the web statistics of this blog, it does startled me a bit. To know there were more than 4000 real visits throughout a year and out of that, the visitors spanned across the entire world. Ireland, United Kingdom, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and USA and few more countries. At least some of the visitors were my friends but the rest of them, I wonder who are they. Would be glad to know them too. At least, I could expand my friendship. Hopefully they will leave their comment at the Haloscan or at the tagboard on the right ;)

Current statistics of the blog.

The original name of this blog is paradigmshift and the original url is

Paradigmshift as it was called refelcting my effort of continuously moving towards positive change in the coming future. A year now, I guess some of those fundamental that was part of me have changed completely and some yet to be changed.

Enough writing for today. Off to study. Neuroscience, here I come :)

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