Wednesday, August 31, 2005

show them love

early this morning, while I was busy conquering anatomy, suddenly there was a knock on the door. Thinking that was a postman delivering some package, I quickly opened the door.

Yet in front of me, not a single postman could be seen. Two persons. Two elderly persons and one was carrying a big black handbag. One old man and one old woman.

The old man greeted me and they said to me, they were Jehovah's witness and would like to talk about faith. After several minutes or so talking and exchanging opinions about faith, some of them were quite a heated discussion though. I strongly objected their opinion on the existence of the original Bible but they were opposed to my words.

To my surprise, the man knew a lot about islam and the Prophet Muhammad. One of my housemate came and joined our discussion. Then, my housemate asked the man, "if you knew so much about islam, why don't you become a muslim?"

He replied, "Before this I am a Christian and I have travelled around the world in search of finding true faith. I have met many people of different races of different religions. I become Jehovah's witness because in it, it teach us to love each other. I have never found any other religion beside Jehovah's witness that shows the true form of love. Muslims have their own war among themselves. Sunnis fought with Syia' and even among muslims, they always kept arguing and never I could find the true love that I seek for,"

My housemate told them not to judge the book by its cover but it seems that they were judging islam based on the attitude of the muslims nowadays.

It is true what have he said. Muslim nowadays are lacking in love. Love towards each other. Love among human beings. What have been told in Quran not fully applied in their life. His statement truly pierced my heart.

Reflecting back on myself, quickly I searched any evidence throughout my life whether I have shown any love towards other people especially non-Muslim. They were too few to be mentioned.

Looking there were few muslims who truly observed the guidelines of the islam. If a muslimah wears hijab, she might not wear it appropriately. She might wear hijab but then her attitude does not truly reflect what islam conveys. She might wear hijab but only her hair are covered not her body. Though wearing full length clothes but the clothes were too much revealing.

Same goes to muslim brothers. Some of them wear shorts, necklace and even dyed their hairs. Though they have been brought up in muslim community, when they came here, they have changed. Some of them even to the extent of joining party to which the alcohol are freely available.

A fact that I have been observing for too long indeed. It happens in front of my eye. Till now, I have always told my own heart, they will change and repent some time in the future. There is still hope for them.

But when the man of Jehovah's witness mentioned that there is no love among Muslims, my heart broke. The truth hurts. Really deep.

Why aren't Muslims following the true path of God? Why this man become Jehovah's witness instead of Muslim? Honestly, it is our own fault. My fault too. Too immersed with the blessing of this world and not practising the true form of Islam. Words are easier to be written but when come to application...

Show them love. Show the world the love of islam. Only in islam, you could find the true love. The love and mercy of God, the Creator of the universe.

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