Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Broadband connection speed

Out of curiosity, I tested speed of my internet connection. The results were strange and perplexing. I hypothesized that the closer the server is, the faster the internet speed.

Testing at Adelaide gave me this result which is the fastest speed I achieved in this test.
From Auckland, the speed was lower than Adelaide.
Testing at further sites around the globe gave me mixed results.
Testing two sites from Malaysia highlight the differences.
In conclusion, my hypotheses was proven wrong. The distance does not necessarily affect the speed of internet connection. I guess it must be something to do with the settings of firewall at the server or type of internet cables present in the region.

You can test speed of your internet connection at


moshimoshi said...

i tried also. connection to ozzie seems to be ok. i'm getting the 1mb plus speed, for which i'm puzzled!

i've always thought that this streamyx broadband had never really recovered from the quake before. now, loading almost everything is the super very slow now. unfortunately cannot test to any server to the us to confirm my hypothesis. that test only allows regional tests only

moshimoshi said...

eh! tak perasan can drag the map. tried to the us. results memang hampeh. got like 70kbps to several us cities.

but about your entry, i think the data travels at either speed of light(fibre optics) or almost in copper wires. so, at that speed don't think 10k miles would be so much different to 1 mile

hafiz238 said...

owh, internet connection at Malaysia is still slow. Perhaps it will take months to repair the cable.

If the data travels at the speed of light, then it is true that distance will not affect the speed.

I am hoping that broadband connection at Malaysia will be faster and cheaper :). I guess that is still only a dream kan.

Nakul Chaudhari said...

try dslreports its better than this

hafiz238 said...

thanks for the link :)

Anonymous said...

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