Sunday, June 03, 2007

Comment highlighting

At first, I would like to edit the comment section by designing it as a dialog box. This can be achieved by putting images surrounding the comment. That would be cool but at last minute, I scrapped the idea. The reason behind this is that I don't want to increase loading time of this blog. Currently, it has few javascripts which increase the page load. Another reason is the hack behind comment section. If I wrote my comment, my comment will be highlighted and have different colour compare to other commenters. If I continue with my original idea, I need to create several images. To check this out, click the post title that have few comments in it, for example the previous post :D.


Aliya said...

takde beza pun comment box tu?

hafiz238 said...

not referring to the pop-up comment window.

click any post title and it will give you the full page of the post and the comments. for example click this post title :)

comment highlighting

moshimoshi said...

you're really getting good at this xml stuff. *thumbs up*

eh, this pop up commenting box cannot put in clickable smileys ke?

hafiz238 said...

i'm not sure i can do that in the pop-up comment box because this box is using a secured connection. If you are using firefox, you can see the lock at the bottom of this window. Secured connection is harder to edit and this type of connection is used for internet banking and other security-related stuff.

If i can hack the secured connection, then i would be a true hackers ;). So, I guess that is my limit for comment section.

Aliya said...

oh ok. *gi tengok kejap*

wow! nice!! :)

nusayba said...

It was hard to understand what you meant at first. Coz I was viewing the recent comment view on the side tuh. Pastu, baru geddit. The highlighted comments on individual pages.

But currently, it looks as if the colours are set alternate between comments. Hehe. Coz youve replied to Moshi2 and then Aliya comments, and you replied to her. And if you reply to mine, it'd continue the pattern. :D

This can also be achieved via css on normal web gak kan? Kalau they allow for different variable (say for visitors and for webowners as long as webowners are signed in).

Using images for dialog-like thingie would be cool. And yet, being a true blue net user, you already know the toll itd take on loading time, which would most probably compromise readers will to comment (which isnt what we want kan kan?).

(you prolly notice i'm paraphrasing everything youve just typed. heheh)

Lets see what else you can do without compromising loading time eh? Best gak tengok dev sini.

Sarah Mohd Shukor said...

salam hafiz,

as i told that day, i can see ur passion in this computer thingy. u sure are good in hacking too, i guess. ops, menyinggah ni to thank u for d wish. alhamdulillah, feeling better today n did my exam excellently.

hafiz238 said...

aliya & nusayba: :). if Blogger allow me to edit the pop-up comment window, dah lama letak clickable smilies. I know how to do that B-), but secured connection prevents me to achieve that goal.

yes, for author highlighting, u can achieve that via css if you are given the variables. for this hack, i managed it via blogger xml ie b:if and b:else. well, it is hard to explain here exactly unless you get a look behind the new blogger layout itself.

I'm not sure what else I would like to do for this blog. will think it later :)

sarah: good to hear you feel better already. hehe, this web designing/hacking is just part of my hobby. time cuti2 ni lah nak buat benda mcm ni :). perhaps, i should create few blogger layouts and put it out somewhere.