Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Same layout, different platform.

I have managed to transfer my blogspot layout to another blogging platform, There are few things that I couldn't achieved at efx2 due to differences of the platform.

The experience taught me a lot and in the same time it helped me to improve the original layout :).


-fuQaHa- said...

hm.. Just a frank question, have you tried Joomla!?


*joomla! comes with an exclamation (!) at the end.

hafiz238 said...

I think I have tried it once in the past, but cannot remember why I stopped using it :)

Sarah Mohd Shukor said...

n above conversation happened only when 2 love-IT-to-die pple meet.

n pple wit zero idea can only give a looong smile :)

hafiz238 said...

sorry...mungkin lepas ni kena blog pasal benda lain pula kan. Something that is not IT-related :)