Monday, June 18, 2007

Melbourne lockdown.

Gunman on the loose...
POLICE have identified a person of interest as they hunt for the gunman who shot three people in Melbourne's CBD this morning, leaving one man dead and a man and woman in hospital.

Two men came to the aid of the woman who was involved in a scuffle with a man, who then opened fire on all three before fleeing at approximately 8.15am (AEST) this morning near Flinders Lane in central Melbourne.

One man was killed while the other man, 30, is in a critical condition in hospital undergoing emergency surgery .

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I was planning to go to the city this morning. Fortunately, I postponed the plan...


moshimoshi said...

yes, when i read that in the news, i thought of you people actually. so crime solved already?

hafiz238 said...

the gunman has surrendered to the police. One of the man shot survived and the other died. The case has not been closed yet though. The police and prosecutors are still gathering evidence.