Thursday, June 28, 2007

finding a name

I usually put a name to a blog layout based on the header image. At the moment, I am designing another blog layout. This time the header image is the picture below.

This picture is taken on top of Mount Lofty, Adelaide. The time was somewhere before sunset. So, what should I called my new blog layout? Should it be waiting for the sunset, cloudy day...any idea will be welcomed :).

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minci said...

silver lining.. :p

striker said...

what about 'setting lofty'?

mengarut eh? :P

moshimoshi said...

world's edge? :D

aria ayumi said...

"behind the cloud"

suggestion... :D

farah y said...

I'll go with Sunrays.

+ Good Luck with the new layout! Can't wait to see the end result!

hafiz238 said...

hmm...that's a lot of suggestion. thank you everyone :)