Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Being late = typical Malaysian

I'm not sure why but it is common for Malaysians to be late. Expect them to be late more than half an hour for any appointment. Even Malaysian students who are studying overseas couldn't escape from this culture. Perhaps this culture is already ingrained in the genetics and requires several generations for this symptom to be eradicated.

The article below sheds some light to possible reasons why Malaysians like to be late mrgreen
Given the perpetual dilatory of Malaysians, one would expect valid and even original excuses. Yet, the conciliations remain the same; traffic, work, bad directions, traffic again (both sides of highway). But what even Malaysians don't know, is that they are really late because subconsciously they enjoy the knowledge that they are the center of attention and that people are waiting for them. It makes them feel good to know people anxiously await their presence and they will milk every last possible second until they arrive (once they do, they will feign a profusely apologetic stance). By doing this, they create the illusion that they are too important to show up on time because they are busy juggling the hundreds of other events in their lives. This constant lateness lowers punctuality expectations and on a day that they actually turn up on time, their friends will be ever so grateful to them for it ("It's so thoughtful of you to show up AND be on time today!").

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Ummu Layth said...


i think this habit is contagious. i always try to be punctual tapi kan bila asyik2 kita aje yang datang awal..thus membuang masa menunggu orang lain.. baik dtg lewat cam orang lain jugak! and since a lot of ppl have the same idea..end results nya... semua orang lewat!

tapi kan i noticed..muslims in general (not all ofkos) are generally late.

hayad said...

erm, sama2 lah kita cuba menjadi punctual.

tak elok bertangguh masa, kan.

hafiz238 said...

@ aliya, the worst habit that I've seen so far is to say 'on my way' when the person is still at home....

That's why I said to solve this problem, it requires several generations and we need to support each other. Punctuality should be the norm among Malaysians :)

@hayad, masa itu emas :). Ajarkan kepada murid-murid untuk tepati masa yer cikgu...

CikguZue said...

salam ziarah.

punctuality kat mana2 pun jadi subjek biasa. tapi susah nak diubah. kenapa? entahler...masing2 tanya empunya diri...

tp di UK ni, memang depa amat menjaga masa. kalau lewat walau satu minit nak naik bas, alamatnya kena tinggal ler...hehehe.
kat M'sia kena buat camtu jugak kot. meeting2 pun kena ontime. don't tunggu semua org alert.

Berita dari gunung said...

Of course, good habits can be internalised and it will stay... as they say, old habits die hard.

hafiz238 said...

@cikgu zue, kat sini pun samalah. kalau lewat satu-dua minit, pasti kena ditinggalkan oleh bas, tram atau keretapi.

mungkin kena pupuk sikap tepati masa ni sejak kecil kot seperti kata pepatah, nak melentur bulu biarlah dari rebungnya.

@ berita dari gunung, your blogger username is unique. The same concept can be said for bad habits too ;)