Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Don't become a doctor

This is an interesting article. Although it is a bit old but some of the points were quite true.

Reasons why you shouldn't be a doctor.


arsaili said...

salam..change ur mind?

hafiz238 said...

not really :)

oOFooi said...

Doctor??? If no doctor. World is no cure already wor.. sure no need doctor.

hafiz238 said...

every job has its own advantage and disadvantage. This post is to highlight the negative reasons of being a doctor.

However, there are more positive things associated with a doctor. Most people who choose to be a doctor will persevere with every challenges that come with this job and less likely to be disheartened with most of the problems.

hayad said...

dari darjah 1 sampai matrik cita2 tak pernah berubah --> nak jadi doctor.

tp skang jd cikgu, hehehe. but, i love my job rite now.Walaupun masa amek course cikgu penuh dengan ketidaksukaan,hehe.

Allah knows what best for us, rite?

penah baca satu artikel, psl persamaan guru dan doctor. mmg btul apa yg ditulis. so, no regrets to be a teacher. i'm still like a doctor, hehehe *_*

hafiz238 said...

@ hayad, benda ni hanya akan tahu bila dah masuk bekerja nanti. So, at the moment I don't know enough whether I will like the job description or not.

yes, Allah knows what is best for us :)